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Startup Monday: Save My Spot

Startup Monday: Save My Spot



Elevator Pitch: Reserve any space by the hour

Going to start a series where I profile an interesting new startup every Monday, or I’ll throw out some ideas for a startup that you might want to take up and run with – heck, I just love coming up with ideas and if I can’t do them myself, maybe you’ll find them interesting enough to do on your own.

As I was mentioning earlier, my…

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Future Food: We’ll Know The Full Supply Chain

Future Food: We’ll Know The Full Supply Chain

Is That Colin?

Is That Colin?

Recently, I started watching Portlandia(funny show you should catch it – its on Netflix), a satirical sketch comedy show which sends up over the top idealism, organicness and tree hugging rampant in places like Portland (although San Francisco is not without its share of same – maybe that why I find the show so funny – I’ve been in places in the city just like the “Women and Women…

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Your Innovators Need TLC

Your Innovators Need TLC

hlbOne of the most interesting things I came across in creating and running innovation programs and brainstorming sessions at my clients was the disconnect on suggested rewards programs between senior management and inventors.

Typically, we started off with senior management, attempting to nail down goals and direction. Invariably, during these sessions, the topic of rewarding inventors would come…

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5 Reasons I Didn’t Connect With You On LinkedIn

5 Reasons I Didn’t Connect With You On LinkedIn

linkedinI might not be as famous as Robert Scoble or Pete Cashmorebut I do get my share of LinkedIn requests and one should, as with most social networks, be a little discerning about who you connect with. Maybe its not as important on Twitter or Facebook, but on LinkedIn, I think your circles definitely make a big difference. As such, there are some red flags which I use to determine pretty quickly (at…

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Finally, A Decent, Shareable Todo App

Finally, A Decent, Shareable Todo App


I guess I’m going to have to give up my kingdom since I think I may have said “My kingdom for a decent, share-able, to-do list app” since I think I may have finally found one….

A while back, one of my colleagues commented how his smartphone was his backup brain – that if he didn’t have that to throw things into, then we would forget most everything. I pretty much do the same thing, of course, as…

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Don’t Go To College

Don’t Go To College

In the very first episode of Silicon Valley on HBO, eccentric billionaire Peter Gregory is doing a TED Talk (of course, what else do eccentric billionaires do?) completely dissing the whole concept of going to college. He is heckled by someone in the audience, an older, white haired bearded gentleman who shouts that he’s a “dangerous man” and after a short exchange, storms out of the hall,…

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These Wearables Are Shocking

These Wearables Are Shocking

At the Glazed conference a few months ago, we were all told that the lifespan of the use of wearable devices was much, much shorter than say the lifespan of use of our smartphones. I think speaker after speaker mentioned something like 90 days to 9 months, then our wearables sit in a box, unused. (Personally, I’ve worn my Fitbit Flex everyday since I bought it, gave and take a few days for…

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3 Ways To Kill Innovation

3 Ways To Kill Innovation



In order for a culture of innovation to thrive at your company, you need to do much than simply say that you are innovative or that you support innovation. Innovation can be in all of your talk, but it needs to be in your walk otherwise it will walk out of that door. Here are three ways to ensure that innovation will never flourish at your company:

  1. Talk about it…

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5 Ways To Have Sex With Your Apple iPhone

5 Ways To Have Sex With Your Apple iPhone

Yes, in this article, we will reveal 5 ways in which to have sex with your iPhone. Don’t worry, none of them require any special positions, unless of course you happen to be into any of those positions, that is.

But before I do that, I’m curious, did you read this article BEFORE you forwarded it on? Pretty interesting.

Who was it, NPR that wrote a fake headline about Americans reading less than…

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